Monday, November 8, 2010

VIDEO: We.Music. (subtitled)

Great video doc just released with English subtitles...Big thanks to Man Recordings....Here's the full info:
Musician Thiago Pethit, rapper Xis, producer Chernobyl, bands Holger, Firefriend and DJs Killer on the Dancefloor, Database e Pristine Blusters raise questions in this documentary about themes that relate to the current independent music industry in São Paulo and the world.

Collective creation is the center of this discussion, which highlights subjects such as remixes, samples, authorship record sales e creative process.

We.Music is an initiative of SixPix and Remix in conjunction with MIS (The Sound and Image Museum of São Paulo) and collective Galeria Experiência, as part of YouPIX, a digital culture festival which takes place every year in the museum.

This film was produced and directed by the multimedia collective Galeria Experiência. (

We.Music . subtitles from Galeria Experiência on Vimeo.

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