Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EVENT: Wasted Bass Thursdays at EvilOlive w/ guest DJ DEMCHUK // 9.22.11 CHICAGO

New night of bass in your face at evilOlive (1550 W. Division St. Chicago IL) just kicked off and they're continuing to go hard this Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 with guest DJ Demchuk (The Grind, Custom Vibes), whose recent interview in the Trib has Chi buzzing! Wasted Bass Resident DJs Disco Death Threat (British Knights & Ephraim Cuellar) & Johnny Walker (Dusty Grooves) hold down the decks, BOOMphotography shooting, & Danny Boy Lucero from Perfect Kiss & Black Light Saints is hosting/gettin' shit-faced drunk. Get full details on the event here: WASTED BASS THURSDAYS w/ guest DJ DEMCHUK

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