Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DOWNLOAD: New Releases by BBU, Black Light Saints, Stranger Day // March 2012

Well this is definitely a week or two late on the sharing side, but I wanna get these up because these albums are not to be missed out on. First we've got Chicago's Hip Hop trio BBU whose latest mix on Mishka has buzz all over like Pitchfork, Forbes, and blogs around the world. Download "bell hooks" here:

Next up is the second release from Black Light Saints, the Chicago indie quintet whose sound has earned them a flattering place on Spotify already. Download the new 2 song single "Always Late," here:

Lastly, a new mix from North Carolina's up-and-coming break-out MC Stranger Day dropped and is definitely as the title reads, "A Sunday Drive With The Windows Down," with rad beats and flows from south the Mason Dixon. Download the album here:

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